• Angela Barrett

A Profound Piece of the Puzzle

My client, Sarah, completed the Love Breakthrough Calling in "The One” group in July 2018. Sarah has given permission for me to use her name and share her story.

Sarah is a gentle single mum, whose pattern in relationships was

pursuing relationships with men who were emotionally unavailable.

She would end up in toxic situations and experienced a lot of

emotional heartache. “It was a vicious cycle that led me to shut

down even further,” Sarah says. “If I met a man who wanted to build

something with me, I’d see them as too needy and wanted to flee as

soon as I could.”

Sarah was uncomfortable in her skin. She struggled immensely with

allowing herself to be vulnerable and open and if a man was open

with her, she found it repelling.

With most of her friends married and in long-term partnerships,

Sarah started to really doubt her lovability. “I felt like there really

must be something wrong with me at a deep level that I hadn’t been

able to find or keep love for myself,” she says.

Sarah attended the Calling in “The One” Love Breakthrough at

the suggestion of a friend who had done the group earlier.

Sarah became a dedicated student of the course, with a steely

determination to see everything she needed to see about

herself in order to create some serious and permanent change

in her love life.

”Over the weeks I uncovered layers of understanding and

essentially became more comfortable with who I was,” Sarah

says. “I realised the reason I couldn’t stand a man’s vulnerability

was because I hadn’t accepted those vulnerable parts of myself.

Even though what I craved was to be loved and accepted fully, I

didn’t full love and accept myself!”

Sarah’s diligence and commitment to the Calling in “The One” work

paid off. Within months of the group, after declaring to herself that

she was open to a healthy, new relationship, several men crossed her

path. “I noticed myself approaching things differently,” she says. “I

had a genuine fascination with how I felt in their company. How does

my soul feel? Do I feel safe? At peace? I was much more tuned in to

what my gut was gut telling me.”

And these were different types of men than she’s met in the past.

“One thing was clear: they were allowing themselves to be vulnerable

and for once I wasn’t totally turned off, I was just quietly aware of

how I was feeling.”

Sarah’s breakthrough came a short time later when she met Nick, a

kind and self-aware single dad at a casual dinner at a mutual friend’s

place. “Over the past six months we’ve developed the most beautiful

relationship, honestly more than what I asked for. It has the most

profound feeling of safety, which has supported me in gently allowing

myself to be vulnerable. This has led to a level of connection with a

man that I’d never thought possible.

“My soul feels light with him but we have a level of depth and

friendship that is so special. I feel like I’m growing everyday. We’ve

certainly got challenges, blending children and families, but we are

approaching it together which feels so beautiful.

“I’ve also found myself giving so much more in a relationship than I

ever have and doing it with love. It’s a very equal feeling. The level of

comfort is so peaceful yet there’s so much passion.

“Doing this work has been such a profound piece of the puzzle that I

struggled with for so long.”

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