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What is Calling in "the One"?

Are you wanting to meet "your person" and want to do "the work" to get yourself in a great headspace, but don't know exactly what "the work" is? Here it is.

My eight-week coaching program is based on the Revised and Expanded best-selling book, Calling in "the One" - 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life by Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Over the eight weeks, you do your “love work” (reading, reflecting, writing and practices) every day at home following the book and once a week, we meet to delve more deeply into some key areas. I help you see beyond what you can see yourself and I stretch you out of your comfort zone.

I support and ‘stretch’ you to become the most authentic, confident and empowered version of yourself in life and in love. I am your accountability partner, keeping you true to yourself and cheering you on from the wings.

Here's an outline of what we do together:

INTRODUCTORY SESSION - Setting the Foundations

We set the scene for what’s to come by getting to know each other. We'll talk a little about your past relationships and any patterns you see about how love goes (or doesn't go) for you. We take a preliminary look at your core beliefs about love and relationships and your personal inner obstacles to love. Most excitingly, you’ll set an intention to have a breakthrough in your love life. Together we'll get clear about what you’re up for. Defining this will help guide your actions from this point forward, and coaching process itself.

Week One: Preparing for Love

You begin preparing for the love you are inviting into your life by exploring and expanding your capacity for healthy love that is inter-dependent. We will hone your intention for happy, healthy love. We will start to explore your relationship patterns and begin to take the powerful stance of looking at your part in these patterns. You'll start a creative process of envisioning what a happy, healthy relationship looks like for you.

Week Two: Completing Your Past

You'll identity and clear away your inner obstacles to love that have to do with the unfinished business of your past. You'll learn how to release past and present forces that are weighing you down and keeping you stuck. These include old resentments, habitual toxic relational dynamics and old agreements and connections that no longer serve you. This frees you up so you become internally aligned with what you're wanting to have in your life.

Week Three: Transforming Your Love Identity

You'll look at the limiting core beliefs that have been governing how you show up in love and relationships. We'll challenge these false beliefs and instill a deep sense of your worthiness to love and be loved and to your power to create a happier experience of love moving forward. We will identity new ways of being (relating, behaving, choosing) that will create a happier, healthier experience of love moving forward. You'll consciously release what no longer serves you.

Week Four: Setting Your Course

Having released your inner obstacles, beliefs and barriers, you're now in a place where you can consciously begin to create the relationship you desire. To this end, we will revisit and refine your intention to reflect what you now can see is truly possible for you. We will discuss what it looks like to navigate your way to this future using your intuitive knowing.

Week Five: First Things First

You will learn a deeper level of self-love , being an essential foundation for healthy love with another. You make a life-affirming commitments to yourself in preparation for receiving a commitment from your partner. You'll learn how to tend to the part of you that gets anxious, scared and disappointed in relationships. You'll mend your relationship with your body and evolve your sense of your sexuality in preparation for receiving your partner into your heart and into your bed.

Week Six: A Life Worth Living

You will cultivate a greater sense of happiness in your life as the foundation for creating a happy, healthy loving relationship. You will learn how to start showing up in new, healthier ways that reflect your value. You'll uplevel your communication skills so you can create more meaningful and resilient connection with others and identify new choices and actions to break out of old patterns and limiting beliefs.

Week Seven: Living Love Fulfilled

You'll learn further skills to become unstoppable on your path to love. You'll increase your awareness of the synchronicities and signs you're receiving, discover how to use disappointments as catalysts for your transformation and begin to make profound and life-altering shifts from a me-centred life to a we-centred life.

As we go, you will benefit from my insights and the wisdom I have gleaned having been married for 20 years and as a mum to two teenagers. I am a realist and I understand what it takes to find a healthy relationship, what it takes to be in a healthy relationship and what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship.

At the completion of the structured program, I will offer you Love Navigation sessions which will help you stay confident, on track and optimistic as you begin dating and activating what you've learned in Calling in "The One". I assist with everything from writing dating profiles to how to pace your relationship, recovering from a disappointment and dealing with other issues that are getting in the way of you having the relationship you desire.

I'm really happy to say I have clients who've found the love of their life after doing this work. Several of my clients are now married and have children. I can - hand-on-heart - say, all of my clients have reported having better relationships in their larger life, too. This includes with family, friends and in their careers. They feel more authentic, more relaxed, more content and more empowered.

To inquire about how I can help you, email me on angela@relationshipinsight.com.au

You can read Testimonials from some of my clients. Click on the About and select the Testimonials dropdown.


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