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What is the Calling in "The One" course?

Curious about what's covered in Calling in "The One"?

My eight-week coaching program is based on the best-selling book, Calling in "The One" - 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life by Katherine Woodward Thomas. Over the eight weeks, you do your "love work" (reading, reflecting, writing, practices) every day at home from book then we meet once a week to delve more deeply into the key areas to find your personal blocks to love.

I help you see beyond what you can see yourself and I stretch you to become to most authentic, confident and empowered version of yourself in love.

Here's an outline of what we do together:

INTRODUCTORY SESSION - Setting the Foundations

We set the scene for what’s to come by get related to each other, going over the structure and the commitment required from you. We take a preliminary look at your core beliefs and inner obstacles to love. Most excitingly, you’ll set an intention to have a breakthrough in your love life.

Week One: Preparing for Love

In Step One, you begin preparing for the love you are inviting into your life. To start, you will hone your Intention for happy, healthy love. This intention will serve as your North Star for the duration of the course and beyond. To open a sense of possibility around your intention you must be willing to discover yourself as the source of your disappointing experiences in love thus far. Once you understand that your disappointing patterns in love have been happening through you rather than just to you, you awaken to the power you hold to create a new story in love.

Week Two: Completing the Past

In Step Two, you are given the opportunity to clear away your inner obstacles to love that have to do with the unfinished business of your past. Habitual toxic relational dynamics, old agreements that no longer serve you and/or resentments that have been weighing you down. In order to create the unprecedented and unpredictable experience of happy, healthy love, you will need all of your energies aligned with this future, so that you are congruent with the vision you are standing to create.

Week Three: Healing Core Wounds

In Step Three, you will identify your “Love Identity” core beliefs, and begin to see the subtle ways you have been relating that have unconsciously been causing you to validate these beliefs over and over again. You will challenge those false beliefs and awaken to the truth of your worthiness to love and be loved, and to your power to create a happier experience of love moving forward. You will then identity new ways of relating that will create a happier, healthier story in love moving forward, and take on learning those skills that will allow you to both manifest and maintain a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Week Four: Setting Your Course

In Step Four, you are finally free from your inner obstacles to love and available to create the relationship of your dreams. To this aim, you will revisit and upgrade your intention to reflect what you now can see is truly possible for you to have. You will begin deepening into your vision of love fulfilled and learn to navigate your way to this future through the use of your intuitive knowing. You will also discover the keys to co-creativity in order to manifest the miracle of happy, healthy love in your life.

Week Five: First Things First

In Step Five, you will awaken to a deeper level of self-love as the foundation for loving another. You will be given the opportunity to make a commitment to love and honor yourself as part of readying yourself to receive a commitment from your beloved. You will also discover why keeping your first attention on yourself will actually increase your chances for happy, healthy love. And finally, you will reclaim your sensuality and awaken to greater levels of love for your physical self, as preparation for receiving your beloved into your heart and into your bed.

Week: A Life Worth Living

In Step Six, you will cultivate a greater sense of happiness in your life as the foundation for creating a happy, healthy loving relationship. You will continue aligning your life with the future you are committed to creating, and transform any core beliefs you may still have about others that are getting in the way of you showing up fully in your radiance and power.

Week Seven: Living Love Fulfilled

In Step Seven, you will learn further skills to become unstoppable on your path to love. You will begin relating to all obstacles, setbacks, disappointments and delays as opportunities to grow into a more mature, integrated and powerfully loving version of yourself in service to preparing to receive a wildly fulfilling relationship into your life. You will continue to cultivate a consciousness of “having”, recognising that all creativity begins within. Having tilled the soil and watered your garden you can now let go, with the knowing that the love you are calling into your life is on its way to you!

At the completion of the program, I will offer you my Love Navigation package which will help you stay confident, on track and optimistic as you begin dating and activating what you've learned in Calling in "The One". I assist with everything from writing dating profiles to how to pace your relationship, recovering from a disappointment and dealing with other issues that are getting in the way of you having the relationship you desire.

To inquire about how I can help you, email me on angela@relationshipinsight.com.au


Calling in "The One" will help you find love... first within yourself and for yourself..

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