Are you frustrated because your love life is painful, disappointing or seemingly non-existent and don’t know why?

Perhaps you're ready to settle down but keep meeting people who won't commit to you?

Or have you been trying hard NOT to go for emotionally unavailable people but somehow find yourself repeatedly going down that same path?

Or maybe you think you're going to have to "settle" but can't stomach the thought of that... or that you've missed the boat entirely?


If any of these things are true for you read on, because help is at hand.


Love and Life Coach Angela Barrett, principal of Relationship InSight, is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and a fully certified Calling In "The One"™  Coach and Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach.

Angela coaches, mentors and supports single people to call in the happy, healthy love that they desire and deserve. Her mission is to empower and equip you to have your most incredible romantic relationship ever. She will help you break your unhealthy old patterns in relationships. She will assist you to learn new behaviours and skills so you can not only call in a great partner, but know how to maintain the health of the relationship. She will support you to learn how to be your genuine, authentic self in your relationship.

As someone who has broken her old bad habits in relationships to meet and marry a really good man 17 years ago, Angela is well-versed in the usual challenges that arise in a long-term relationship and how to navigate these in the healthiest possible way.


In just eight weeks working with Angela through the Calling in 'The One' program, you will upgrade your approach and your expectations of love in the healthiest and most productive ways. This is not a band-aid fix or a superficial do-over. This is the deep, soulful work you've probably suspected you needed to do.


With cutting-edge techniques, warmth and insight, Angela will:​

  • Help you uncover what's stopping the love you want coming your way

  • Assist you to release the pain of past relationships

  • Support you to see how you have been unknowingly playing a part in your disappointing relationship dynamics 

  • Guide you to release what’s stopping you from having happy, healthy love that lasts

  • Discover what changes you need to make to have the relationship you desire

  • Coach you in the skills you'll need to maintain a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship

Angela is one of only two coaches in Australia certified to practice the Calling In "The One"™  and Conscious Uncoupling™  programs and was personally trained in the US by internationally-acclaimed relationship expert, Katherine Woodward Thomas, creator of these life-changing  processes.

If you are ready to dig deep and do some work to let go of the past and call in the bright future in love that awaits you, call Angela to engage her as your personal Calling In "The One"™ Coach. Calling In "The One"  is a world-renowned 8-session process specifically designed to identify and release your unconscious obstacles to open you to love.

If you are wanting to find new love but know you need to do some inner repair work first, you may want to enlist Angela as your personal Conscious Uncoupling coach before moving on to Calling in The One. Conscious Uncoupling is the ground-breaking 5-step process popularised by Gwyneth Paltrow that will help you recover, reorient and recalibrate after a breakup in preparation for a happier future in love.

If you want to enhance, strengthen or improve any important existing relationship in your life, Relationship Coaching can give you insight and practical tools to work with.

Angela also runs Calling In "The One"™ groups for love-seekers who enjoy the energy and support of doing transformative work with like-minded others.