"After years of unhealthy relationships with unavailable men, I am in a loving, supportive, sacred partnership and we have just had a baby. I didn’t know this kind of love was possible. Thank you, Angela, for all your kindness, care and support. The work I did with you was tough, but I felt so supported by you. I couldn’t have done this without you, so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Kate, Sydney


"Angela is an amazing professional and a caring guide who coached me through Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One”. Ange is kind and supportive, yet encouraged me to go deep and explore things hindering my relationships. I am now in a wonderful relationship. I highly recommend Ange as a relationship coach and as an amazing human being."

- Julie, Central Coast


"Angela is truly genuine about helping people. I really liked her approach and after multiple consultations and following her guidance, I met my partner. At 45 years old, I had feared it wasn’t going to happen. We have been together for two years and recently had another baby. I have recommended Angela widely and will continue to do so."

- Anne, Sydney

"I consulted Angela when I was feeling unsettled and negative within myself and my marriage. She is an amazing listener and very calming. She helped me work out what I needed and I learned to communicate with my husband and loved ones in a positive way that has helped bring us closer together."

- Emma, Central Coast

“In my 24 years as a social worker, I have met many allied health professionals. Angela Barrett is rated as being in the top 5 of those professionals. She is engaging, analytical and supports her clients to grow in areas that are being held back by fear. I highly recommend Angela Barrett to anyone who has been unsuccessful in love and wants to be guided back into a world of hope and passionate relationships."

- Mark Tanti, Melbourne

"I highly recommend Angela if you are looking to unpack your relationship baggage to heal from old thinking and behaviour and create an entirely new healthy way of relating to self and significant other. After 6 sessions I felt solid, healed and excited about my future. Thank you Angela. You are a brilliant therapist and coach."

- Annie

April, 2019

(Facebook review)

"I am incredibly grateful for having the opportunity to see Angela for private coaching. Her compassionate, nurturing and authentic support has been an unforgettable experience for me and she has taught me skills that I am implementing in my relationships that will have a huge impact for the rest of my life. Thank you for the work that you bring into the hearts of many🌷."

- Ozlem

March, 2019

“It's not too much of a stretch to say that working with Angela through the "Calling in the One" coaching program changed the way I see the world, and myself in it. Where previously I felt despondent and frustrated at my "bad luck" in relationships, I now have a better understanding how the false beliefs I held about myself, about men and about what I deserved have all contributed to the choices I've made in partners, and the way that I've shown up in relationships that have contributed to some painful experiences. This increased understanding has led to a much more empowered expectation on the sorts of relationships I hope to develop in the future, and more broadly, the way that I co-create so many of my experiences in life, rather than just being the passive recipient of what life delivers to me. I am much more hopeful and optimistic of having healthy fulfilling relationships, and playing an active role in creating the sort of life that supports this. Angela's gentle and steady support throughout this process has been instrumental in this transformation".

- Rachel, June 2018

"I gained so much more than I could have dreamed possible from working with you through the Conscious Uncoupling process. Learning to co-parent in a difficult situation was my only priority. I received the tools to do just that and then some. 

What a lovely surprise to finally realise my self-worth, finally feel self-love and take control of my future with confidence and without fear. 

When I split from my husband, I asked a friend who had been through divorce how long until it would all be over. He said, "At least three years, it’s going to get nasty, expensive and it will hurt." He was right and I agreed with him for one and a half years, until I met you. A few weeks later after I started my coaching sessions with you, my relationship with my ex- morphed into a cohesive and thoughtful existence as I gained the confidence to maintain boundaries and trust my gut. 

Through doing this work, our son has been spared the pain and heartbreak of a nasty uncoupling. We both attended our son’s soccer match recently and my ex- and I were very civil.

You have changed my life, Angela. and for that I can't thank you enough.

- Kitty, Central Coast, NSW, July 2018.

"After a 15 marriage followed by an array of ultimately painful relationships with the wrong men, I did the Calling in "The One" process with Angela as my personal coach on Skype. It was amazing to have her to help me see exactly what I'd been doing that was inviting in the wrong people - usually self-centred men - and allowing them to treat me badly. Through the process, I came to understand why I was putting myself in relationships with men who weren't honouring and respecting me. And, I learned how to do it differently. I was able to grow out of the old ways and let go of all of the things that were preventing me from having the amazing relationship I wanted. I even became attracted to nice guys, having always been drawn to the charismatic and emotionally unavailable 'bad boys'! I am now over-the-moon to be in an incredible relationship with a man who loves me for who I am - beyond the makeup and highlights! It is such a relief to be able to be the real me, knowing I am loved every day. We have been together for over a year now. I know I couldn't have found - and maintained - this beautiful, mutually supportive  relationship if I hadn't done this work."

- Jacqui, Bondi, NSW.

The space Angela created for me was extraordinary. I felt safe and supported right from the first session. Angela was really there for me.

This process way exceeded my expectations.  I feel like the darkest sludge inside me has been washed out, leaving so much opportunity. It ultimately was a process of learning to love and value yourself which might sound quite trite, but it is really the work of a lifetime.

Angela offered kindness, wisdom and a great ability to provide clarity.  She is gifted with insight.

I would recommend this for anyone who can see that they have patterns in their relationships and life that are maybe not leading to the best outcomes.”

- Helen, 55

Wollongong, NSW.

Ange was a very calm and reassuring presence. I trusted her implicitly and she used the Conscious Uncoupling process to challenge me in a way that I had never been challenged before. This enabled me to open my heart and be completely honest with myself and take responsibility for my role in the breakdown of my marriage. This was a huge shift for me.

As a result, my relationship with my ex-husband has totally changed. We are communicating so much better which has resulted in us parenting a lot better. The conflict and tension has lifted which has actually resulted in us chatting and communicating so much more and in a more positive way. It is so nice to be able to call him and discuss the kids and I really feel we are becoming friends again.

Conscious Uncoupling was challenging but just what I needed to grow and change. I loved the whole process.”

- Anna, 44

Central Coast, NSW

"I have just completed Calling in "The One" with Angela and I can't really put into words how incredibly powerful, gentle and loving this 'work' is. My friends who know we will testify how much I have grown in self love and really spoken from my heart about Ange and how valuable it is to have a great coach to guide you through. Please think about doing this if you want more connection and love in your world. Warning... you need to be ready...to DO the work. Shadow will appear..so be open to loving honestly the WHOLE of yourself. Change only comes if you're truthful."

- Lesley Beltran

Central Coast

"I'm in a high profile profession which has made my love life difficulties super painful to deal with. It also made it really difficult for me to meet a genuine man. All I wanted was a 'normal' relationship to come home to every night but I didn't  know how to go about getting that! Through my work with Angela I learned that it wasn't anything external/superficial that needed to change, it was what was inside of me that needed to change at deep level. And it did. I now have a completely different way of approaching potential dates. I know without a doubt that I deserve an amazing relationship and don't waste time with people who aren't up for that with me.

As a result I have been dating some really amazing, down-to-earth men who are genuinely interested in getting to know the real me. Calling in "The One" was confronting in all the right ways. I know I am far closer to meeting my soulmate."

- M.H., Manly, NSW.



“I had a lot of counselling after the break-up of my marriage five years ago but this process has helped me heal at a deeper level than I have ever experienced. I wish I’d found this years ago. It’s almost beyond words to explain how much Ange has helped me and impacted my life. She is a blessing sent to me and I will be forever grateful. The work she does is amazing. She has an amazing gift and I am so, so lucky to have that gift helping me on my journey.” 

- Sharon

Sydney, NSW


"Lucky are the participants who take the "Calling the One" journey with you, Angela. Opening our hearts to life and love of self can seem like a simple journey but the depth of the experience you offer really needs to be experienced. . .it's hard to even put into words. . .but as someone who is a trained Counsellor & Art Psychotherapist I know that this program and book has been mindfully constructed to challenge previous ideas we had about ourselves and tp uncover further our patterns in relationships which have been holding us back in ways we hadn't suspected. I really felt I got so much more out of the process by being immersed in the group process with you rather than just reading the book. Having the opportunity of your expertise rather than coming to what may have been the same conclusions that I might have previously was vital. Your gentle challenging and assistance to clarify meant co-creation was occurring. It was so nice to have your wealth of experience, done through an experience of ease and grace despite at time tackling some tough topics. You offer such an important experience. I hope others are lucky enough to take that journey with you💖

- Christine Strauss

Central Coast, NSW.


“Working with Ange has been transformational, and was so much more than I had expected. After many, many years of giving my power away in relationship, Ange - through her soothing, empathetic coaching - helped me create more depth and connection in all of my relationships, most importantly the relationship with myself . My Calling in "The One" coaching sessions with Ange did not only afford me the insight, perspective and guidance I needed to shift some significant patterns, she also very gently coached me into seeing how I was the source of those patterns in how I was showing up in relationship.  Working with Ange was an amazing experience. Never once did I feel judged or misunderstood. Her unique coaching approach has opened me completely to meet my 'one' as I now have the most beautiful and loving relationship with myself, which is the basis for all my relationships. I cannot thank you enough, Ange.”

- Fiona, Dublin, Ireland

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